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A campaign to design a truly binational park

accessible to both Mexico and the U.S., and to realize this vision through the engagement, camaraderie, and advocacy of the peoples of both nations.

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The U.S.-Mexico border is often portrayed as a dangerous place defined by violence and crime. A place in need of a wall.

In fact, the border is marked most profoundly by peaceful visits and the celebration of peaceful, productive relationships; friendships, family ties, arts, and culture that span the international boundary and transcend division.


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Friendship Park was founded and designed to unite the people of our two countries; at its center is a circular bi-national plaza and monument marking the end of the US-Mexico War.

Currently the park is constricted by a wall covered in thick metal mesh, prohibiting any physical contact amongst the friends, family, and loved ones who gather here - perpetuating division instead of the unity for which it is intended.

By fulfilling the original promise of International Friendship Park, we can launch a new era of international peace and friendship.


The conceptual design, which imagines an expansive vision for the park, will be refined over the course of the next year, to be unveiled in observance of the August 2021 50th Anniversary of the park.

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