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Welcome to the website and news pages dedicated to the re-establishment of International Friendship Park, located on the border between the United States and Mexico on the Pacific Ocean! 

Over the next 12 months we will create a detailed plan, gathering input and energy from the many stakeholders, designers, and interested parties on both sides of the border and beyond.  The drawings that are expressed here are only the start of our work.  We will need many voices to complete a visionary plan that will inspire Congress to formally create this much needed reminder that our neighbors are our best allies.

The site is breathtaking. 50 acres (over 20 hectares) in total size, with equal size in each country, the site will also be a pedestrian-only border crossing into Playas from Border Field State Park.  

We will use this forum to keep you posted on advances on the design as it progresses towards the 50th anniversary of Friendship Park in August of 2021, a small but important meeting place in this part of the world. 

We will be holding charrettes and design competitions, as well as exhibitions of the work during this time. Keep an eye out for those here, as well!

Our best security is our continued and unflagging cooperation and expressions of friendship with our neighbors.  Please check in on us, and help us spread the word about our vision and discussions of our future International Friendship Park by signing the petition, donating, and/or volunteering some time. And remember - fugetabouta WALL...

Thank you!


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