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An International Park part of Nixon's "Legacy of Parks" Environmental Plan

One of our dedicated team unearthed this article from the archives of the San Diego Union Tribune, from this date FIFTY years ago!

“Fifty years ago President Richard Nixon announced that Border Field would be developed for recreational use as part of his “Legacy of Parks” program. On August 17, 1971, first lady Pat Nixon traveled here to dedicate Border Field State Park as a symbol of Friendship between both countries.”

From the San Diego Union Tribune, Monday, February 9, 1971: “President Nixon yesterday included in his environmental message to Congress the gift of 372 acres of the Navy’s Border Field to the state of California for development as a PARK. The grant will make possible the development of an international park, a small part of which will be in Mexico.

The White House announcement said the grant to the state includes the “entire boundary of Border Field including one mile of beach frontage and additional frontage on an inland bay.” The bay is the estuary area at the mouth of the Tijuana River.

Read the article and archive preamble here.


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